Melissa Currie, Co-Chair
Alicia McIlhinney, Co-Chair

Shauna Mace
Christine Sheller
Marguerite Kranick

Committee Responsibilities

  • Actively build relationships and explore opportunities for joint relationships with other organizations (sponsors, etc.)
  • Assist in creation of semi-annual e-newsletter for distribution to marketing list that highlights recent and upcoming events and key membership statistics
  • Assist in writing/editing creative copy for marketing pieces and website content; develop and maintain marketing material which describes the benefits of membership
  • Posting content to LinkedIn and Twitter


Carey Burke, Co-Chair
Debbie Gawrylowicz, Co-Chair

Mariya Dmitriev
Carol Nieilson
Beth Moreau

Committee Responsibilities

  • Manage existing sponsor relationships and identify potential new sponsors
  • Participate in the sponsorship renewal process each fall
  • Participate in annual WIN planning for the upcoming year
  • Attend WIN events
  • Coordinate closely with Administrator to distribute sponsorship-related information
  • Work with other WIN Committees to promote WIN


Maxine Dotseth, Co-Chair
Kerry McCarty, Co-Chair

Denise Adamczyck
Denise Iemolo
Ralph Giraud
Katie Maier
Cora Pappas 
Brenna Sermarini
Megan Stanndard

Committee Responsibilities

  • Annual review and update to membership renewal, retention, and recruitment materials
  • Contact all new members personally by email to welcome them to WIN
  • Assist in developing and executing an outreach program to coordinate membership
  • Attend program events to promote WIN
  • Follow-up with event attendees to personally offer membership and explain the benefits
  • Create e-mail content for member outreach programs
  • Coordinate closely with Administrator to distribute membership information
  • Respond to membership inquiries
  • Coordinate activities with other Committees to promote WIN


Laurie Hesketh, Co-Chair
Yolanda Plaza-Charres, Co-Chair

Carey Burke
Lauren Durante
Maria Ma
Natalie Marvi-Romeo
Wen Nannen
Rachel Perlman
Brenna Sermarini
Lori Wayne

Committee Responsibilities

  • Work with sponsors and WIN executive team to create engaging program content of interest to WIN members
  • Coordinate with speakers and event coordinators (when event is hosted by a WIN sponsor) to ensure events are engaging and interesting to attendees
  • Create program descriptions, craft invitation, prepare day-of material
  • Coordinate with other WIN committees to enhance the experience for our WIN members and WIN sponsors