Featured Sponsor – Coho Partners, Ltd.

Coho Partners Ltd., founded in 1999, is an independent, employee-owned investment management firm headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Our focus, since inception, has been to generate a specific, asymmetric pattern of returns that offers protection in down markets and competitive returns in up markets.

We firmly believe the best way to create and sustain long-term wealth is to:

  • Protect principal in down markets; and
  • Generate competitive returns in all but the most cyclical or speculative up markets.

Where protection and participation meet®

We strive to generate a specific, asymmetric pattern of returns over time with portfolios that demonstrate a down-market capture considerably less than their up-market capture.

By creating an intersection of protection with participation, we provide an opportunity for better-than-market performance over an economic cycle with less-than-market risk.

Our goal is to create significant alpha over time versus benchmarks and peers through the combination of losing less than the benchmark during bear markets and performing near the benchmark in bull markets.

Building Strength from Both Sides – Offense and Defense

We build portfolios that are a combination of demand defensive and economically sensitive companies which provides a level of defense (generally predictable growth in earnings, dividends, and cash flow) and offense (stable business models with modest cyclicality) to the overall strategy.








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