Mission & History

WIN began over 10 years ago as an idea between two friends,

Tracy Musser and Sharon Hayman  as a way for professional women to connect and share ideas. Combined with a desire to develop an organization focused on empowering professionals in investing throughout their careers and to provide a forum to network and build relationships within the investment industry, Tracy and Sharon launched WIN in 2008 to make their vision a reality and to provide an environment to make these connections easier.

The inaugural events focused on networking opportunities for attendees creating a forum for them to exchange ideas and to create more personal connections within the industry. Throughout the years, WIN has built up its distribution list to over hundreds of contacts with over twenty corporate sponsors. It has grown to a thriving organization for women professionals involved in the Mid-Atlantic region investment community.

Today, WIN of Philadelphia is a professional organization that provides men and women in the financial services industry with a forum for networking and professional development for women involved in all aspects of financial services, investing, including plan sponsors, investment managers, consultants, accountants and attorneys. WIN achieves this objective through a variety of activities, including monthly events, committee involvement, community outreach, its website and regular communications.

Our Strategic Goals

1. Promote professional networking and career development opportunities through our effective programs, depth and breadth of membership, and extensive relationships in the investment community.

2. Foster personal development through opportunities in leadership, mentoring and education across varying investment professions and experience levels.

3. Provide high caliber education programs and access to pertinent resources to those in the investment industry.